Inflatable Water Slides

Children just love to have fun at the water slides. They have a gala time out there and you enjoy it with them too. It reminds you of your childhood when the slides were great fun. Children just love to go up the ladder, to the top of a slide and then go whizzing all the way into the pool of water with a splash. The slides are designed in a way that you land safely into the pool. As children, we often wished if only we could take one of the slides to our home. But then, water slides for adults required concrete and cement fixtures and hence our parents could not afford to have one installed at homes. But thankfully, times have changed and now you can afford one for your child without any hassles. Read on to know how.

Longest inflatable water slide for sale

An inflatable water slide is the latest invention that can let your children get the pleasure of a theme park right at their home. This inflatable slide can be blown up to full size with the help of an air pump. Once done, it will resemble the size and shape of a slightly smaller slide than the one we find at theme parks. It can then be filled with water from the garden hose. It is very comfortable, and it is very easy to use. In the deflated state, it can easily be packed into a box and carried comfortably in the back of your car.

Tropical theme water slide from Beston

An inflatable water slide with big size is very convenient and can be carried anywhere. These come in several exciting colours and themes that will add to the decorum. Your kids and their friends can have a great time on it and you can spend memorable weekends watching your kids play happily. These slides are safe so you can take a much deserved nap on the garden bench while your kids play.

Are you wondering where you buy one from? You can now buy one online from the comfort of your home. Just log on to the website selling the slides and make the payment online. It will be delivered to you in a few days. So, what are you waiting for? Order one today!

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How Many Inflatables Should I Start Off With For My Party?

How many inflatables should I start off with? This question needs to be answered by each person. You need to take into consideration your budget and how much you can afford. Generally you should at least start off with 3-5 inflatables, this way you will have a variety for customers to choose from. If you are to purchase only one bounce house then you lose the client base that is looking to rent combos, slides, obstacle courses or interactive inflatables and eventually you lose business. Once a customer sees you don’t have a variety to choose from more likely than not they will go to some other company. This is where most startup companies fail. They either start off with the wrong number of inflatables or with the wrong styles.

Longest inflatable water slide for sale

The most proven successful strategy is to go with one or two regular bouncers, both of which should be a generic theme that will be good for any party or event, this way you do not limit your client base. Besides these two bouncers, you also want to get one combo with a bounce and slide, and one interactive or obstacle course inflatable. If you start off by buying specific themed inflatables like a Disney themed character, then you really limit yourself to ONLY those customers that are looking for that theme specifically. Another inflatable you MUST have is a water slide. Water slides are one of the most popular and profitable inflatables to have in your rental inventory. Having this variety of inflatable products will put you in the right road for becoming successful and profitable.Inflatable Sea Turtle Climbing With Bouncer For Kids


However, if you do have the finances to purchase more inflatables than it is advised to do so. The best way to grow your business and keep customers is to offer them a variety. It is essential to have a variety because people have parties for different events and themes, and if you cannot offer them an inflatable with a relevant theme to complement their party or event then you lose their business and they turn to another company with more variety and themes to choose from. So keep these in mind and start off your business in the right direction by choosing a variety and going with generic inflatables to click, rather than more specific ones.

inflatable commercial water slides for sale with electric blower


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What Are The Advantages Of An Inflatable Double Slip And Slide?

Looking for a way and also hardwearing . children entertained during those long summer time once the weather outside is way too warm to accomplish much of anything else? If you have, the inflatable double slip and slide for sale is an ideal item to add to your backyard. There are numerous advantages associated with the slip and slide that you may be interested in studying prior to making your purchase, especially if you want to make sure it will be a wise investment.

Inflatable Dolphin Slip And Slide

If you wish to obtain a double slip and slide from a inflatables manufacturer, multiple child will be able to glide through it at any given time. It is actually especially convenient when you have a couple of child. With usage of two separate slides, they will not have to wait an actual while to adopt turns because they can decline the slide two at one time rather than one-by-one.

Dual slip and slide with pool

Your children will receive to invest hours outdoors in the sunshine while getting wet and having a good time as opposed to spending their entire summer in your house. These kinds of slide keeps kids of any age entertained for several hours while letting you have some fun together or enjoy some relaxation from the shade as they are laughing and playing. In addition to keeping the youngsters entertained, the gear is entirely safe for youngsters to utilize and is produced with durable material that will not break easily at all.

Inflatable long slip and water slide

You are able to blow the inflatable double slip and slide up your children are ready to apply it. Every time they are no more utilizing it, simply deflate it after which input it away for the entire day in a safe spot. The inflatable slide requires little or no maintenance whatsoever and it is simple to setup which means that your children do not have to wait around for a long period of time before they could commence to get some fun sliding around and having wet.

Had you been thinking about buying something fun for that children to make use of in the backyard, this really is a great item to acquire. Irrespective of your children’s ages, there is no doubt that they may love making use of the double slide, especially when the temperature is at its highest and the sun is shining bright outside. It can keep these cool while they have a good time together. Check for more.

Why Should You Choose A Commercial Grade Inflatable Water Slide

If you are trying to find a way to attract more customers to your business, why not give them something really fun to do? In the summer, many people are looking for a good way to cool off and have fun. Splashing around at a water park is always a popular choice, so why not make your own water park right at your store?Longest inflatable water slide for sale

By setting up a commercial grade inflatable water slide, you can attract a lot of new people to your store. Sure, they may not all go inside and buy something, but if even a few do, that is a lot of additional revenue. You can easily earn enough to more than pay for the cost of the slide.

If you buy the slide outright, after all, you can use it again and again for a number of years. Once you have made enough to pay for the slide, everything else will be pure profit. As long as you keep the slide in good condition, there is no reason why you cannot reuse it again each summer.inflatable commercial water slides for sale with electric blower

Since these slides are made from durable, high quality materials, they should last for a long time as long as they are properly cared for. Be sure to store the slide properly once the summer season is over and the weather has cooled off. This way, it will be all ready to go again next summer as soon as the temperature starts to rise.

Commercial frog water slide with swimming pool

When you are setting up such a slide, it is important to make sure that you do so safely. The last thing that you want, after all, is to have a customer get injured on your property when they were using the slide. This could open you up to all sorts of legal liabilities.

Have someone watch the slide to ensure that everyone is going on it safely. Make sure that you set it up properly so that it does not pose any safety hazards or dangers. Taking a few extra precautions will help everyone have fun without running the risk of injury.

When you invest in a water slide that is commercial quality, you will be adding a lot of value to your business. Attracting new customers is a snap when you have such a ride. Start shopping today so that you can find a great deal by