Why Kids Enjoy Bounce Houses

Bounce houses have now become a prerequisite of every kid’s party as they bring non stop fun and entertainment. Unique, stylish and brightly colored moonwalks attract kids and bring lots of joy and cheer to a party. Moonwalk is the safe fun activity that keeps kids busy during the entire event. So if you are planning for a kid’s party, a bounce house rental is surely a viable choice to keep your kids entertained and active all day long. This article will discuss how a bounce house rental can provide never ending bouncing fun to kid parties.

Frozen theme inflatable bounce house

The Safest Type of Amusement

Moonwalks are one of the safest types of party amusement available today. Bounce house selling companies provide clean and sanitized inflatables that ensure health and safety of your children. Inflatables are made up of PVC or vinyl material with an electric power blower that maintains air pressure through the house and keeps them inflated by providing constant air supply. Moonwalks also serves as a soft mattress that is enclosed in safe netted walls for the security purpose to prevent children from falling and other injuries. Although, it is safe to leave your kids in the inflatable, adult supervision is advised to prevent any injury or mishap. Mesh netting walls will keep your children enclosed within a moonwalk and visible for parents to monitor at all times.

Spongebob theme bounce house

Exciting Fun Activity for Kids

A bounce house rental is ideal for every occasion where kids are involved. They are perfect for kids birthday parties, school picnics, church gatherings, family reunions and so on. Inflatables provide a safe and exciting out-door as well indoor activity to your kids and keep them active for hours.

Available in Various Shapes and Styles

A bounce house rental is also readily available in a variety of designs and themes like inflatable slides, castles, combos, jumpers and sports game bouncers. Since, there is a wide variety of rentals available, it has now become very easy to choose the right one according to the selected party theme. These bright colored and exciting shapes of moonwalks not only keep children entertained but also make the party more colorful for little ones.

Provide Non Stop Jumping and Sliding Fun

Moonwalks are mainly designed with high quality PVC material to offer non stop jumping, bouncing and sliding fun to your kids. Their stylish designs truly enchant kids and the puncture-roof material enables them to bounce and jump for long hours. They will keep all the kids and teens gather at a single place and make the event a huge success

Choosing a bounce house rental for children parties is a great idea. Moonwalk rental is one of the best ways to endorse healthy, safe and enjoyable activity. With a unique and great variety of designs, sizes, styles and themes of inflatable at http://bestonbouncehouse.com/, kids of all ages can easily be entertained during the entire event.

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5 Tips for Kids to Birthday Party

Every kid wants a great birthday party and I am sure your child is not any different. Having fun is what being a kid and having a birthday is all about. Of course, we can’t forget the great gifts either, those are pretty important!

One of the things I find that a lot of parents have problems with however, is planning a super fun party that is going to be remembered by family and friends for years to come. After all, party planning takes real talent and the perfect party doesn’t come easy.

Mickey & Minnie Bounce House Combo

That is why I wanted to share five of my very best tips to give your child his or her dream party on a budget. So, let’s get ready to party:

Tip #1: Pick a theme. Parties are so much more fun when they follow a specific theme. Choosing the best theme depends on your child’s interests and age. Younger kids may love Mickey Mouse or Barney while older ones are going to be more interested in music and well, teen stuff.

Whatever theme you choose to go with, make sure to blend it in with everything. Think banners and plates, cups and even wrapping paper to really add to the ambiance of the celebration.

Tip #2: Don’t skimp on the fun foods! Food and snacks are an integral part of any party. Having a barbeque is a great way to save money while still feeding a lot of hungry mouths. Hot dogs and hamburgers are almost always a hit. You can also purchase some pizzas and soda to get the festivities off to a good start.

Tip #3: Invite as many people as possible. When it comes to throwing a birthday party, the more people the better. Invite your child’s friends from the neighborhood and school, you can even invite your own family and friends to add to the head count.

Tip #4: Plan plenty of activities. Activities and games are a great way to get everyone in a partying mood. This could include everything card games to magicians, pin the tail on the donkey, ring toss and about a thousand other fun games. If your budget will allow for it, you may even consider renting a bounce house, you know those inflatable bounce things.

Tip #5: Invitations. Don’t forget to send out the invitations to your family and friends letting them know the date and time. As the special day gets closer you might even consider sending out reminder invitations to ensure that no one has forgot to attend. People do get busy and forget things from time to time.

Following the five tips above will get you set down the right path to fun. That is really what parties are all about. I hope your next birthday celebration is a blast and just remember, they only come around once a year.

Kyle has been providing information to parents for many years. In his spare time he runs an online store where you can buy all of your favorite party supplies cheap [http://bestonbouncehouse.com/]. You can find spongebob party supplies [http://bestonbouncehouse.com/bounce-house-for-sale/] and much more.


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Choosing the Right Bounce Houses For Your Inflatable Business

One of the most overlooked aspects of starting an inflatable rental business is choosing the correct inflatables. The correct assortment is so important to your businesses survival. Remember, you only make money when your rental fleet is rented so you need to focus on items that appeal to the masses.

Mickey mouse bounce house slide combo

It is appropriate at this time to review the type of inflatables that are available to purchase. All inflatables used for your inflatable rental business need to be made for Commercial use. The main categories of inflatables are:

Bounce Houses
Bounce Houses with Slides (often called combo units)
Inflatable Slides
Commercial Grade Water Slides for sale
Obstacle Courses (both toddler and adult size)
Inflatable Sports Games (ranging from basketball to batting cages)
Obviously, as a start up business or any business for that matter, you have budgets you need to adhere to. Since budgets are unique to the individual business, I will not begin to touch upon this subject. I will instead walk you through the priority process for adding inflatables.

Mickey and minnie inflatable bouncer

Since your objective is to rent your units as often as possible, you need to select units that are most popular. From our experience, bounce houses rent the most often followed by combo units, water slides and inflatable slides for sale, inflatable games and then obstacle courses. Depending on your budget and how many units you wish to begin with will determine what types of units you would want. Another factor is your location. For example, if you are in Texas, water slides carry a lot more weight as far as rental value then say if you lived in Wisconsin. That being said, I will use two examples, a three unit start up and a five unit start up.

Three Unit Company

Bounce House
Combo Unit
Five Unit Company
Bounce House
Bounce House
Combo Unit
Combo Unit
Water Slide
These two assortments will give you flexibility while catering to the masses. Remember, you will never appeal to every one’s needs when you first begin. Your goal is to survive and grow to the point where you can add more units.

Now that we have tackled the assortment, it is onto as equally important of an issue, the themes you should choose. Like your assortment selection, you need to appeal to the masses. Traditional themes such as castles, fun houses, sports, Disney, and buy Mickey Mouse themed inflatables have a much higher rental rate then say pink castles, lions, and birthday cake inflatables. While all inflatables rent, we are only concerned with purchasing the most widely rented units while you begin your business. Once you feel the need to add additional inflatables you will know exactly what to add based on customer requests and shortages you have had with your own rental fleet. Just because I am advising you to stay away from more niche specific units to begin with does not mean you need to once you are ready to expand.

The inflatable rental business can be a very successful business. You need to treat it as a business and not make emotional decisions. All decisions you make, not just the items you purchase from www.bestonbouncehouse.com/, need to be done with the business in mind. Good luck and Happy Bouncing!

Bounce Houses for Your Next Party

If you are planning an event, you should consider renting inflatables like bounce houses and waterslides. The set-up is very easy as these inflatables are not difficult to assemble. At the end of the party, they are simply deflated and packed away.

Cartoon Inflatable Minion Bounce House For Kids

Large eye-catching inflatables such as these are great additions to any birthday party or event. Your kids and their guest will love these fun bounce houses and moonwalks. There are a number of reasons why you should consider renting party rental stores offer. Here are some of them:

Kids Bouncer For Sale

-They are very easy to assemble
-You can choose from a variety of colors, designs and themes
-They go with any type of party theme (ex. carnival theme, princess theme, pirate theme, etc.)
-These inflatables aren’t just for birthday parties, they can be used for any type of occasion
-Everyone loves them – when was the last time you heard someone say that they hated bounce houses?

Inflatable kids bouncer for sale

Planning a party can be hard work. You need to have all your bases covered to ensure a fun and enjoyable event for everyone. Organizing a kiddie party can be loads of fun if you do it right. This is why you should consider renting a bounce house for your kid’s next birthday party. These fun inflatables will help keep your guests occupied while you take of important things such as the food or the cake.

When looking for bounce houses area for rent, there are a couple of things you should take note of., you can also check http://bestonbouncehouse.com/kids-bounce-house-for-sale/ If you like having your children help you with planning, get them to choose a theme or the style. Before you look for a party needs store, consider these details:

1. How big is your backyard?

Moonwalks can be quite enormous. Find out how much space you have in your yard before you decide which bounce house to rent. You also need to plan the layout of your party. Where will you fit the chairs? Where will the game area be? Will the food be served inside your home?

Spongebob kids jumpers for sale

2. What is your party’s theme?

The theme of the party can play a role in helping you decide what type of bounce house you will have. There are different ones available, depending on the party rental store. You might want a fairy-themed bounce house, or a monster-themed one. There are also character themes available for those who have very specific preferences.

3. What style would your child prefer?

Bounce houses come in all types of shapes and sizes in http://bestonbouncehouse.com/. There are the regular house-shaped ones, obstacle courses, ones with slides, etc. Take a look at your options and see if the style you want is available. If you can’t pick, you might want to get a combination one. There are also inflatable water slides for parties during the summer.

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5 Reasons To Get A Bounce House

For years, children have loved jumping on wholesale bounce houses for every occasion. It’s true that the Summer months are our industry’s busiest months. But, it doesn’t matter if the weather is 100 degrees outside or 100 below freezing (okay that might be a bit too cold to enjoy a bounce house rental), children love partying on bounce house rentals for any number of reasons. Here are five reasons that you should consider renting a bounce house this winter.

Inflatable bounce house mickey mouse

1) Children’s birthday parties: Parties are always fun with an inflatable rental, no matter the time of year. Unlike adults, children aren’t affected by the cold so easily. Jumping in an inflatable rental burns lots of calories and helps warm the body. Besides, is it fair that only the summer birthday kids can jump and slide for their birthday parties? I say no! Equal the playing field by renting a moonwalk for your next winter birthday party. Just tell the kids to wear an extra pair of socks, and they’ll love every minute of it!

2) Winter festivals at church: Tons of churches across the nation (and world for that matter) are gearing up for their winter festivals. Moonwalk rentals, along with inflatable slide rentals and other inflatable games are a perfect way to make your winter festival a smash hit! You will draw a larger attendance to your church event when you offer inflatable rentals for the children to play on. Why? Because children love them, and parents love having safe alternatives for their children during this hectic time of year.

Inflatable frozen combo for sale

3) Winter festivals at school: Bounce house rentals are perfect for school fundraisers. By charging per child that uses the jumper, you can generate some serious money very quickly for your school. Of course, you may choose to just charge for admittance to the event, and not have someone collecting money and/or tickets at each inflatable ride. Or, maybe you just want the kids to come and have a good time. It doesn’t matter the reason. Children will flock to your school event when they learn that you have rented jumpers and other inflatable equipment.

4) Corporate Team Building: Much like school and church events, corporations are always looking for a way to entertain their employees and their families at this time of year. Bounce house rentals are a great way to bring the entire team together for a great cause; your company!

5) Just because: The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of year. Shopping for the “perfect” gift is time consuming and difficult. Maybe you and your family just need an afternoon break from the hustle and bustle of this holiday season. Get a couple friends together and relieve some stress by jumping and sliding for hours.

No matter what time of year it is, bounce house rentals can make your special event, well, special! If you are in or around Fort Worth, Texas, check out Bounce and Slide Texas next time you’re ready to rent a bounce house.

Bounce and Slide Texas asks the question: “Why just bounce, when you can bounce AND slide?” That’s why all of our bounce house rentals come with both a jumping surface as well as a sliding surface! We have top-quality inflatable party rental equipment ready to be rented in and around the Fort Worth area. Check us out at http://bestonbouncehouse.com/  and http://bestonbouncehouse.com/wholesale-bounce-house-for-sale/to schedule your party online!


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Bounce House is the Perfect Christmas Gift For Kids

Are you thinking about what would be the perfect gift for the holidays for a well deserving child in your life? I have the answer. A residential bounce house is one gift that any child would love to have.

There are so many reasons to purchase a bounce house, but the best reason of all is the fact that it is such a health toy. They offer great cardiovascular exercise

A Log Cabin Inflatable For Christmas Use

and promote creativity and social skills.

When kids child jump inside the bounce house, the inflatable responds like a trampoline. Children never get enough of this activity and it doesn’t take much for them to get a real workout.

These inflatable toys bring a lot of excitement to children and it is such a joy to watch them as they see the bounce house come to life as it gets inflated. Inflatables come with a blower, and the flat piece of plastic transforms into the perfect toy in minutes.

A Bounce house is a bigger than life toy and kids just love that. The average residential inflatable will accommodate 3 to 4 kids at the same time. A kid that gets a bounce house for Christmas will not run short on playmates, as all kids love the bounce house experience.

A Colorful Inflatable Bounce House For Christmas Use

These toys come in many different styles that capture the imagination of the children who play in them. Some are designed for boys and some for girls and still other are designed to be fun for both girls and boys. Some of the styles available are a princess castle, a tree house, a lions den, a sports arena, and just about anything you can think of.

Christmas Use Inflatable Bounce House

These inflatables are also available with additional features such as hoops and slides and even water slides. So when the weather gets better you can take them to the outdoors and create a personal water park.

These toys are big and colorful, but if you should need to move it or store them, it simply deflates and stores conveniently into a small space.

So as others are thinking of purchasing video and computer games for the kids, Your purchase of a bounce house will give the kids a toy they will love but will also provide some cool health benefits.

Robin Buckley and Christine Heibel from the Passion Parent Blog have teamed up to offer a cool giveaway just in time for the gift giving season. It is easy to enter this sweepstakes and you can get the details at http://bestonbouncehouse.com/christmas-bounce-house-for-sale/

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How Will You Pick Out A Good Inflatable Pool With Slides?

There are several firms that present an inflatable pool that comes with slides. The key to get one you’ll enjoy dealing with is to understand the pricing and the caliber of the types of materials used. If you are ready to get the right info on this, read here.

Inflatable fun city and bounce house with slide

You’ll have the capacity to cope with getting a fantastic pool and slide which will work together if you get the combo in the same company. While you can get a ladder attachment at another time, once you get both of them from your same place you can rest assured they were intended to interact with each other. Should you still usually are not sure it is possible to go see it personally or determine if someone can give you images from the combo. Then it’s considerably more simple to see exactly what it looks like ready up prior to deciding to pay.

Huge commercial inflatable combo

Consider the fact that you will find sometimes coupons and also other discounts you can use when you’re utilizing a service or product online. There’s no reason for you personally not to acquire a good combo assembled that will be considered a better price than buying it outright. The better you check around and follow companies on the websites or through social networking, the easier it really is to get the best possible deal. It’s vital that you are prepared to only get the aid of a company you are aware of is going to benefit you and that you might still save with on shipping or through coupons.

Renting a combo to see anything they are like before you buy may allow you to avoid buying a thing that you and your family won’t have some fun with. It’s a great intend to look into the varying rental services in the area to enable you to discover ways to operate it and figure out how it is going to fit in your community the place you want to buy. Take care with rentals because if you break them you could be charged a sizable fee depending on how bad you damage it.

Any inflatable pools with slides that you discover now needs to be easy to consider with regards to buying it. That’s why should you be intelligent about this kind of thing. Don’t get stuck by using a bad product and use these suggestions to your benefit.