5 Tips for Kids to Birthday Party

Every kid wants a great birthday party and I am sure your child is not any different. Having fun is what being a kid and having a birthday is all about. Of course, we can’t forget the great gifts either, those are pretty important!

One of the things I find that a lot of parents have problems with however, is planning a super fun party that is going to be remembered by family and friends for years to come. After all, party planning takes real talent and the perfect party doesn’t come easy.

Mickey & Minnie Bounce House Combo

That is why I wanted to share five of my very best tips to give your child his or her dream party on a budget. So, let’s get ready to party:

Tip #1: Pick a theme. Parties are so much more fun when they follow a specific theme. Choosing the best theme depends on your child’s interests and age. Younger kids may love Mickey Mouse or Barney while older ones are going to be more interested in music and well, teen stuff.

Whatever theme you choose to go with, make sure to blend it in with everything. Think banners and plates, cups and even wrapping paper to really add to the ambiance of the celebration.

Tip #2: Don’t skimp on the fun foods! Food and snacks are an integral part of any party. Having a barbeque is a great way to save money while still feeding a lot of hungry mouths. Hot dogs and hamburgers are almost always a hit. You can also purchase some pizzas and soda to get the festivities off to a good start.

Tip #3: Invite as many people as possible. When it comes to throwing a birthday party, the more people the better. Invite your child’s friends from the neighborhood and school, you can even invite your own family and friends to add to the head count.

Tip #4: Plan plenty of activities. Activities and games are a great way to get everyone in a partying mood. This could include everything card games to magicians, pin the tail on the donkey, ring toss and about a thousand other fun games. If your budget will allow for it, you may even consider renting a bounce house, you know those inflatable bounce things.

Tip #5: Invitations. Don’t forget to send out the invitations to your family and friends letting them know the date and time. As the special day gets closer you might even consider sending out reminder invitations to ensure that no one has forgot to attend. People do get busy and forget things from time to time.

Following the five tips above will get you set down the right path to fun. That is really what parties are all about. I hope your next birthday celebration is a blast and just remember, they only come around once a year.

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Choosing the Right Bounce Houses For Your Inflatable Business

One of the most overlooked aspects of starting an inflatable rental business is choosing the correct inflatables. The correct assortment is so important to your businesses survival. Remember, you only make money when your rental fleet is rented so you need to focus on items that appeal to the masses.

Mickey mouse bounce house slide combo

It is appropriate at this time to review the type of inflatables that are available to purchase. All inflatables used for your inflatable rental business need to be made for Commercial use. The main categories of inflatables are:

Bounce Houses
Bounce Houses with Slides (often called combo units)
Inflatable Slides
Commercial Grade Water Slides for sale
Obstacle Courses (both toddler and adult size)
Inflatable Sports Games (ranging from basketball to batting cages)
Obviously, as a start up business or any business for that matter, you have budgets you need to adhere to. Since budgets are unique to the individual business, I will not begin to touch upon this subject. I will instead walk you through the priority process for adding inflatables.

Mickey and minnie inflatable bouncer

Since your objective is to rent your units as often as possible, you need to select units that are most popular. From our experience, bounce houses rent the most often followed by combo units, water slides and inflatable slides for sale, inflatable games and then obstacle courses. Depending on your budget and how many units you wish to begin with will determine what types of units you would want. Another factor is your location. For example, if you are in Texas, water slides carry a lot more weight as far as rental value then say if you lived in Wisconsin. That being said, I will use two examples, a three unit start up and a five unit start up.

Three Unit Company

Bounce House
Combo Unit
Five Unit Company
Bounce House
Bounce House
Combo Unit
Combo Unit
Water Slide
These two assortments will give you flexibility while catering to the masses. Remember, you will never appeal to every one’s needs when you first begin. Your goal is to survive and grow to the point where you can add more units.

Now that we have tackled the assortment, it is onto as equally important of an issue, the themes you should choose. Like your assortment selection, you need to appeal to the masses. Traditional themes such as castles, fun houses, sports, Disney, and buy Mickey Mouse themed inflatables have a much higher rental rate then say pink castles, lions, and birthday cake inflatables. While all inflatables rent, we are only concerned with purchasing the most widely rented units while you begin your business. Once you feel the need to add additional inflatables you will know exactly what to add based on customer requests and shortages you have had with your own rental fleet. Just because I am advising you to stay away from more niche specific units to begin with does not mean you need to once you are ready to expand.

The inflatable rental business can be a very successful business. You need to treat it as a business and not make emotional decisions. All decisions you make, not just the items you purchase from www.bestonbouncehouse.com/, need to be done with the business in mind. Good luck and Happy Bouncing!

Bouncy Castle Business

As with all prospective business ventures, thorough research of the bouncy castle market in your area is essential. Look through the local newspapers, go on the internet, look in the Yellow Pages and find out how much competition there is in your area. If you spot some competition, don’t be put off, for the fact that there are people running successful bouncy castle businesses proves that there is money to be made, and more than likely, there is still room for you to take your share of it.

Frozen combo bouncy castle for sale

Equipment/items that you will need for your bouncy castle business

Bouncy Castle (see below for sizing advice)
Repair kit (should be included in price of the castle)
Ground sheet
Safety mat (for the front of the castle)
Rain cover
Sack trolley
Anchor stakes
25-30 meter electrical extension cable
RCD safety cut out circuit breaker
Safety instruction sheet
Terms of business
Customer disclaimer form
Local street maps
Desk diary or personal computer program (to keep note of bookings)
Ledger book (for recording receipts and payments)
Public Liability Insurance cover (rec. minimum one million pounds)
How to start out?
My recommendation is that you start out with a 12 ft. x 12 ft. (3.6 meter x 3.6 meter) bouncy castle, this being the most popular with customers. Moreover, it is easy to set up and store and will fit in most back gardens and community halls. However, you might be tempted to go for something smaller, say a 7 ft. x 7 ft. bouncy castle – it would keep costs down, wouldn’t it? This is a common mistake – don’t fall into this trap. You may think that you can’t afford a bigger bouncy castle when you start up, but you’ll be kicking yourself if you are unable to do business with people who want a bigger castle – as the vast majority will. A small inflatable bouncy castle will still make money, but not as much as the bigger one suggested, and just imagine how you’ll feel at seeing business go elsewhere because you have set up your bouncy castle business with the wrong equipment.

Princess cheap bouncy castles for sale

Where to buy your bouncy castle?

See the list of manufacturers at British Inflatable Hirers Association There are a number of good companies that supply bouncy castles, so take your time in choosing. All the good companies will have brochures, so just give them a call and get them to send you one in the post, together with a price list. Many companies will be willing to enter into credit terms, and will even paint your trading name and telephone number on the front of the castle at no extra cost. Your successful marketing of your business starts right from the moment that you make the order for your first castle and put your name up on it. The manufacturer should offer to do this for you – but ask for it if they don’t. You will get many bookings from people who see your phone number on the castle. Your bouncy castles will be big and brightly colored, so take full advantage of your portable advertising billboard. The industry standard guarantee for a bouncy castle is 1-2 years, depending on the manufacturer.

What about buying a second hand bouncy castle?

The trouble with doing this is that – as a beginner – you don’t know what to look out for. I can tell you to look at the stitching on the bed, and at the pillars and where the side walls meet the bed, but are you confident that you will know the signs of wearing if you see them? Many second hand bouncy castles on the market are overly worn, have re-stitched bed seams, deliver a poor bounce and have to be replaced within a short while. When you are just starting out you need to be sure that you are hiring out a quality product that will last through the delicate ‘start up’ period, so go for a new bouncy castle when you start up, you can check http://bestonbouncehouse.com/bouncy-castles-for-sale/.


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