Planning a Inflatable Bounce House Party

The kids will be jumping with anticipation for the party when they receive bounce house invitations! From fill-ins to professionally printed invitations, you are sure to find a great option to accommodate any budget. Invitation designer, SanLori offers fill-in bounce house invitations and matching fill-in thank you notes with festive balloon accents. They also offer an adorable die-cut version that is cut in the shape of an actual bounce house! You can personalize this die-cut invite using your ink jet or laser printer or have the invitations professionally printed by an online invitation store. You will be sure to set the celebratory tone with these bounce house invitations!

Inflatable Paradise For Christmas Use

Many companies offer to rent bounce houses and slides that can be set up in your yard, and many even offer their own venue that includes multiple bounce structures all in one place! Depending on the children’s age and ability level, you can rent a basic bounce house or bounce slide, and the older kids would surely “jump” at the chance to use a bouncy obstacle course! If the weather is warm, also think about renting a “slip n’ slide” water slide to cool the kids off from the summer heat!Infltable slip and slide with pool for sale


Decorate your house or the party room with colorful balloons and streamers to continue the happy, bouncy christmas  theme. For party favors, hand out colorful stickers, bouncy balls, and fun colored or patterned socks that the kids can use when they’re playing in the bounce houses!

Although the bounce houses are so much fun in and of themselves, mix it up a little by giving the kids some big inflatable balls to throw around in the houses. The kids can race on the bounce slides if it’s safe to do so. You can also give beanbags to the kids and have them try and toss the beanbags to each other while bouncing! Tag is also a fun game to play inside the bounce houses, as the kids will have the added challenge of bouncing around while trying to catch the other players! With any of these activities, however, always make sure to follow basic safety rules and precautions. If you hold the party at an actual bounce house venue, the companies usually offer safety supervisors to help manage the party.

For food, include tasty and healthy tidbits like grapes, carrots, and celery and apple slices to keep the kids’ energy up! For a main course, sub sandwiches are a great choice, and fruit juice boxes are complementary drinks.

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Bounce House is the Perfect Christmas Gift For Kids

Are you thinking about what would be the perfect gift for the holidays for a well deserving child in your life? I have the answer. A residential bounce house is one gift that any child would love to have.

There are so many reasons to purchase a bounce house, but the best reason of all is the fact that it is such a health toy. They offer great cardiovascular exercise

A Log Cabin Inflatable For Christmas Use

and promote creativity and social skills.

When kids child jump inside the bounce house, the inflatable responds like a trampoline. Children never get enough of this activity and it doesn’t take much for them to get a real workout.

These inflatable toys bring a lot of excitement to children and it is such a joy to watch them as they see the bounce house come to life as it gets inflated. Inflatables come with a blower, and the flat piece of plastic transforms into the perfect toy in minutes.

A Bounce house is a bigger than life toy and kids just love that. The average residential inflatable will accommodate 3 to 4 kids at the same time. A kid that gets a bounce house for Christmas will not run short on playmates, as all kids love the bounce house experience.

A Colorful Inflatable Bounce House For Christmas Use

These toys come in many different styles that capture the imagination of the children who play in them. Some are designed for boys and some for girls and still other are designed to be fun for both girls and boys. Some of the styles available are a princess castle, a tree house, a lions den, a sports arena, and just about anything you can think of.

Christmas Use Inflatable Bounce House

These inflatables are also available with additional features such as hoops and slides and even water slides. So when the weather gets better you can take them to the outdoors and create a personal water park.

These toys are big and colorful, but if you should need to move it or store them, it simply deflates and stores conveniently into a small space.

So as others are thinking of purchasing video and computer games for the kids, Your purchase of a bounce house will give the kids a toy they will love but will also provide some cool health benefits.

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Party Inflatables to the Rescue!

Summer time is exciting for kids. They get off of school, get to wake up whenever they want to in the morning, and do as they please during the day. As appealing as this situation sounds, this scenario comes with its pitfalls as well. Boredom is a very real threat during the summer time, and afflicts kids all the time when summer hits its stride.

Long slip and slide blow up for sale from Beston

What are you to do when your kids get bored during the summer? There are a number of different things you can choose to do with your kids. One of those great options is renting them a party inflatable for the day.

Infltable slip and slide with pool for sale

Your kids can have hours of enjoyment on a party inflatable. They are great fun to play on for your kids. If you live in a relatively cool climate you could probably rent almost any party inflatable such as a bounce house or regular jumper. If you live in a very hot climate you may be better served renting an inflatable water slide or slip and slide.

Party inflatables are a great time for your kids to play on. They love to bounce around on the jumpers when they inflate. The water inflatables are even more fun for the kids when it is blazing hot outside. Usually you cannot add water to an inflatable that is intended for dry usage.

Whatever route you choose to entertain your kids with bouncy things, you can rest assured that they will be entertained. All you need to do is rent  or buy one for the day and you will be set from!

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